Professional Web Design in Bogota for your Company

Professional Web Design in Bogota for your Company

We are creative and innovative. We design and develop customized projects, implementing the best digital tools so that your presence online can be successful.

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Why do you need a web site?

Having your own web site is allowing your users to find in it what they are looking for with 24 hours availability.Besides, you can attract new customers, open up to new markets, strengthen your corporate image, by having publicity on the Internet, which is an essential tool for your digital marketing strategy.

Professional web design

Professional web design, customized for your company

DesignPlus designs and creates your online presence in an integral way with your corporate image, taking into account the managerial targets that you need to reach your goals; without templates, without generic websites.

“66% of marketers think that investment in mobile applications will increase.”

Source: State of Marketing Report 2015

Advantages of having a web site

Being on the net creates confidence, allows you to be a click away from the customers, gives you worldwide presence and new business opportunities, besides competing in bigger markets and being able to customize your brand with more flexibility than on a physical space.

Global presence
New customers
Customized branding
View your website on any device with Responsive Web Design

View your website on any device with Responsive Web Design

As an interactive digital agency we guarantee friendly designs with an excellent user experience through Responsive Web Design, creating web projects adaptable to the device from which it is viewed. Not having this technology will make you lose millions of potential customers.

Customized web applications

Customized web applications

The applications that we develop are easy to use, help enhance teamwork, update fast, minimize mistakes in your corporate processes, are safe, are equipped with Responsive Web Design and can incorporate new characteristics whenever you wish to.

Video testimony about Web design

Dima Juguetes
Video testimony about %s Dima Juguetes

Dima Juguetes

The best way to present you with our work is through a client’s opinion, listen to Dima Juguetes and their Web design experience with the plus team.